The Making of Sonic Garden

Nature and technology have often times been pitted against each other as opposing forces. However, at Sonos Studio LA, they come to together to form a melodic alliance.


On September 23rd, Sonos Studio LA debuted its newest installation, Sonic Garden, the brainchild of sound and environmental installation artist, Mileece. Inspired by the film, The Secret Life of Plants, Mileece transformed Sonos Studio LA into an ecological sanctuary where live plants empower an immersive sonic experience through Sonos’ smart speakers.


Plants respond to all elements in their environment – even music and people. The bioelectricity emitted by each plant reacts to the human touch, creating harmonic frequencies and ambient tones streamed through the Sonos Smart Speaker System.


In the video above, go behind the scenes to see how Sonic Garden came to life.


Sonic Garden is open to the public Wednesday-Sunday from 10am-6pm until October 23rd.


In support of Sonic Garden, Sonos Studio LA will be featuring a host of events as follows:


The Secret Life of Plants 
Film Screening
October 7 | 7-10pm

A screening of the classic 1979 documentary The Secret Life of Plants. 

Bring Your Own Plant Workshop
October 17 | 3-5pm

Bring your favorite houseplant to Sonos Studio and listen to its unique inner vibrations through Sonos speakers. A conversation on acoustic ecology follows.